Victoria’s Secret Body Lotions


Hey guys! I’m going to talk to you about another obsession of mine today. Body lotions, body butters, body creams, whatever you wanna call it, I’m in love! I use body lotions every single day and I have to say that the Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Lotions are on the top of my list. 

I own 5 of them at the moment. I used to own more and there are so many more that I haven’t tried but I will get my hands on them eventually. 

Vanilla Lace:

This is without question my top favorite body lotion EVER! I’m in love with vanilla scents and this is, OMG, heaven! It’s vanilla and musk scented. You will smell like it all day when you put it on. It is super long-wearing and smells (and tastes) delicious!!! If you love vanilla scents like I do, then this is definitely your lotion!


This one is my second favorite. It has scents of iris and warm sea salt. It definitely smells like summer.

Secret Escape:

This has a sheer freesia and guava flowers scent. It basically smells like flowers. Definitely a spring\summer scent.

Such a Flirt:

This one smells like starfruit and white orchid. Not my favorite scent, if I’m being honest, but still very sweet and summery. 

Love Spell:

This lotion has a cherry blossom and peach scent. Again, very sweet scent, which reminds you of flowers and spring. 

Two favorites of mine, which I don’t own at the moment are Amber Romance and Temptation.

All of them are very intense scented and the definitely last all day. So, if you’re looking for a lotion that is super hydrating and will not wear you out then here it is! And you can also get a discount if you buy three of them together.

Have you tried any other Victoria’s Secret lotions? Any good suggestions?




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